ESP Toolbar 1.5.7

ESP Toolbar 1.5.7: The Exponential Software Professionals (ESP) Toolbar Component for Java Swing The ESP Toolbar Component is a 100% Pure Java, and JavaBeans Compliant software component that simulates the functionality of the Internet Explorer 6 Toolbar, using Java Swing. This component is available for purchase and use in your software development project. Registration includes the ESP Toolbar Bean, full Javadocs on the component`s use, and full Java source code for the Bean`s implementation.

ASPFileSaver 2.0: ASP component to save file uploads. Save to disk or to a database field.
ASPFileSaver 2.0

ASP component to save files uploaded using the browse button in the browser. Files can be saved to disk or exported as binary data for use by a database or other component. Functions are provided to read form variables. This component is can be supplied singly or bundled with our ASPPhotoResizer component. 32 bit or 64 bit. Free trial available.

form, browser, file, data, save, database, component, http, upload, multipart

.NET Component Inspector 1.1.13: Inspect and execute any .NET code; event logging; visual design surface.
.NET Component Inspector 1.1.13

The .NET Component Inspector allows you to inspect and execute any .NET component or application. Quickly find out how a component behaves using event logging, a visual design surface, method execution and field/property inspection/modification. Use it on your own code or to understand code by others.

component inspector, object browser, utility, visual design tool, development tool

Organisation Chart Component 1.0: Org Chart Component is an ASP.NET component for creating organisation charts
Organisation Chart Component 1.0

The organisation chart component is a powerful charting component for building organisation charts. Written in C# 3.0 it provides the programmer many features to make creating an organisation chart a quick and pain free process. The component software is licensed on a "per developer basis" and is run-time and royalty free. We operate a "no questions asked" refund policy.

company chart, staff chart, net organization chart, org chart component, net org chart, org chart, organization chart, net organisation chart, organisation chart

Google Calendar Delphi Component 1.0: Powerful component that allows you to work with Google Calendar using Delphi
Google Calendar Delphi Component 1.0

Google Calendar Delphi Component (GCDC) is a powerful component that allows you to work with Google Calendar using Delphi. Using Google Calendar Delphi Component you can easily add Google Calendar import, export and synchronization capabilities for any Delphi application within several hours.

google, component, google delphi component, google calendar component, google component, delphi, calendar

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Aspose.Component 2.0

.Net Component suite including all Aspose components such as Aspose.Excel, Aspose.Word, Aspose.PowerPoint, Aspose.Project, Aspose.Pdf, Aspose.Chart, Aspose.Spell, Aspose.Recurrence. Buying Aspose.Component will be cheaper than buying individual products separately. Also licensing Aspose.Component will be simpler than licensing individual products separately.

basic, object, chart, windows, spell, project, obfuscator, microsoft, free, examples, code, souce, assembly

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Ortus Shell Dialogs 1.5

Get access to the Microsoft® Windows® shell dialogs & wizards from within your applications using this component package! Ortus Shell Dialogs is a component package for the Borland® developer community containing 12 shell dialog & wizard `wrapper` components. A context sensitive component help file is included.

dialogs, shell

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